MultiGuide presents new parking solutions at Intertraffic

2016-05-25 15:00

In April multiGuide exhibited at Intertraffic in Amsterdam, the world's largest traffic exhibition. Thanks to a new record of over 30.000 visitors from 134 countries, many valuable and informative conversations made the trade fair a great success. At its 48 square-meter booth multiGuide presented its new reservation system:

A reservation in form of a license plate number is stored in the MG-suite database. When the cars approach the entrance of the car park, the integrated LPR-camera reads the license plate and – if the reservation has been made for this license plate – the barrier opens automatically. Other unique identifiers (e.g. RFID chips) could be used as an alternative technology to the LPR-camera. When entering the car park, a personalised message is displayed on the multicolour LED-matrix display, as well as the number of the reserved parking bay. Digital LED arrows guide the driver to the reserved space, which is clearly identified by the special LED colour of the sensor. Arriving at the space an LCD screen displays the time for which the space has been reserved together with the name of the driver or the license plate number. In the case of an unauthorized use of the reserved space the sensor LED flashes and an alarm signal is sent to the management centre.

Visitors were thrilled by this simple but efficient solution from multiGuide and we are excited to be rolling out this system together with our customers. Furthermore, we are already looking forward to the next Intertraffic in Amsterdam in 2018!

multiGuide booth at the Intertraffic trade fair 2016 in Amsterdam

multiGuide presents its new reservation system to interested clients

multiGuide free-text multicolour LED-matrix display with personalised welcome message

Numerical and arrow displays by multiGuide

Personalized reservation display controlled remotely by the multiGuide software

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