About us

multiGuide with its headquarters in Munich, Germany was founded as a spin-off from Siemens. Our core product portfolio around Parking Guidance Systems in more than 40 countries and has earned highest market recognition for its enduring technology. Our products are enhanced by Integrated Software Solutions that are tailored according to customer needs.


The sensor-based Parking Guidance Systems help drivers find the quickest route to an unoccupied parking space. The parking operator can offer the highest customer convenience, paired with a reduction in CO2 emissions and an increase in profitability from parking operations. Due to the modular design, our systems may reflect specific customer design requirements or can be integrated with external systems, such as wireless ground sensors or License Plate Recognition. Our patented camera based car finder system, which is installed in Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, is just one example of multiGuide’s commitment to invest in future technologies. Our Parking Guidance System is installed at most German airports, Munich Airport being the biggest project with more than 15.000 parking spaces equipped with our advanced sensors.


With our highly motivated R&D team in Munich, and our manufacturing and logistics center in Bayern, multiGuide is committed to continually expand with new and innovative solutions in the field of mobility, while offering robust technology made in Germany.