Parking reality in the future. Luxury combined with convenience

2016-04-25 11:46

Current situation

Year 2016 brought us predictions in the parking industry with the parking automation and general shift to a smartphone usage being on top of the priority list. According to surveys people’s car preferences haven’t changed much in the past years with the need for driving one’s own car increasing. With this in mind, urban traffic will grow further consequently raising the need to find parking spaces (including parking for e-vehicle charging stations). If this challenge is left unsolved, we will be left with an ever-growing chaos wreaking havoc in cities.

In order to distract us from this dark vision, multiGuide and Baimos Technologies, both companies based in Munich in Germany, take us on a journey of the future parking reality with the luxury, cost-saving as well as convenience being its most essential advantages. 

When you are at their elegant stand number 03.201 in Hall 3 at the Intertraffic Show, its practical design alone tells the story of what parking will be and should be like in the near future. In this document, the story’s main character is John whose license plate is M-K 717. In the following paragraph John leads us through the experience of a seamless car park entry with a VIP guidance.

Seamless car park entry with VIP guidance

John books his parking space and the moment the reservation is complete the sensor number 102 turns from green to yellow and a message “Reserved for Dr. House” appears on the LCD screen at the stall number 102. Upon arrival the barrier opens – John uses Baimos Technologies’ software product BlueID Park which carries out a very secure authorization and ensures that it is definitely John who is entering the car park. John doesn’t realize what kind of security process is involved in the background as all he has to do is open the app and press the “Open” button for the barrier. The barrier opens and he is now greeted at the entry sign “Welcome John, follow the green arrows to parking lot 102”. multiGuide designed signs subsequently direct him to stall number 102. Upon arrival the sensor turns red.

This all sounds great and fairly straight forward but it might raise a question about what happens if things do not go as planned and an unauthorized person tries to park on John’s parking space.

In this scenario, if another person wanted to park on the reserved by John parking space number 102, the sensor would flash red, and the LCD screen would show the message “Reserved for Dr. House”. Consequently there would be an immediate alert in the multiGuide’s back end system.

The “why”

Baimos Technologies’ vision was clear when they created BlueID Park. It was crucial to deliver the most user convenient experience by empowering customers to use their own smartphones or smartwatches to securely open parking barriers while letting operators save money on ticket machines and their maintenance. 

BlueID Park enables smartphones to automatically open all kinds of off-street parking systems and optionally to securely identify the client at the cash terminal for payment. This smart kind of parking system is ticketless, ultra-fast, user centric, does not need connected barriers or gates, provides local communication and runs securely on any smartphone, any app and any access hardware.

BlueID Park with its simplicity and efficiency perfectly complements multiGuide’s Parking Guidance Systems.  multiGuide’s main goal is to create efficient use of limited parking space, save costs, increase convenience and pair it with a reduction in CO2 emissions which is a critical topic these days. They have successfully installed their Parking Guidance System at most German airports, Munich Airport being the biggest project with more than 15.000 parking spaces equipped with multiGuide’s advanced sensors.

Both companies deliver a solution to today’s challenges within the industry and with their innovative approach they address the main parking predictions for the upcoming years.