Munich International Airport, Munich (Germany)

  • 16,000 parking spaces
  • Integration with Skidata barrier system
  • Partner for piloting innovations

Düsseldorf International Airport, Düsseldorf (Germany)

  • 9,000 parking spaces
  • Interface to city parking guidance system
  • Continuous expansion with new car parks

Cologne/Bonn Airport, Cologne/Bonn (Germany)

  • 5,000 parking spaces
  • Successful operation since 15 years
  • Integration of area counting system COSY
Shopping Center

Regensburg Arcaden, Regensburg (Germany)

  • 437 parking spaces
  • Web UI. Blue color of Sensor housing and numerical displays manufactured according to customer specifications
  • Guidance with 12 numerical displays with background illumination

Avion Shopping Park, Bratislava (Slovakia)

  • 1270 parking spaces including external RGB LED
  • 18 parking spaces reserved for families with children, indicated by pink LED color
  • Integration with Fire Alarm system

Täby Shopping mall, (near Stockholm, Sweden)

  • 1810 parking spaces divided in two parking houses
  • Customized external LED with adjustable length to accommodate different heights of the parking
  • Sensor housing and tube manufactured in plain white
Convention Center

Qatar National Convention Center, Doha (Qatar)

  • 3,000 parking spaces
  • 700 ultrasonic front sensors for open air parking
  • System with Arabic characters and IP54 sensors

BMW Welt, Munich (Germany)

  • 600 parking spaces
  • Remote control PC
  • 38 zone displays and 2 numeric displays

Olma Exhibition, St. Gallen (Switzerland)

  • 150 parking spaces
  • Free/occupied displays
  • Connecting to city guidance system with Soap-XML interface
Other Installations

Public parking: Fizuli Parking, Baku, (Azerbaijan)

  • 3500 parking spaces
  • External RGB LED
  • Integration with Fire Alarm system. Entry signs with full Matrix modules

Hospitals: Klinika Rebro, Zagreb (Croatia)

  • 433 parking spaces
  • External LED
  • “Portal” visualization

Business Center: Ernst&Young, Munich (Germany)

  • 25 parking spaces
  • Use of mini PC solution
  • Quick-fix mounting rail for easy installation