“Measuring instead of counting” is the working principle of Single Space Detection (SSD). Every single parking space is equipped with an overhead ultrasound sensor that detects its occupancy status and transmits the data in real time to the control system. This guarantees a parking status accuracy of virtually 100 percent, which is unattainable through traditional counting methods and their flawed inductive loops.

Full transparency of occupancy levels and exact locations enable a number of advantageous functions, such as monitoring of individual motorist behavior that mere counting systems cannot provide:

  • Accurate detection of each individual parked vehicle
  • Free selection of LED colors to indicate handicapped spaces or make reservations
  • Brightness control of LED
  • Integration of external LED to signal the status of the parking spaces
  • Innovative solution for open air parking areas
  • Easy commissioning and installation
  • Advanced computer based management system to control parking guidance displays
  • Broad range of displays: zone displays, numeric displays, text displays (LED, LCD)
  • Advanced statistics and reports including time monitoring of occupied spaces

Our technology has proved successful and continuously evolved for more than 15 years to offer our customers a premium and almost maintenance-free parking guidance solution. Our high-quality and well-engineered products are developed and manufactured in Germany.