Top Sensor

  • Ultrasonic reflection
  • Multiple color and brightness control
  • RGB LED with bi-directional focus for 2 lane traffic
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Most reliable technology with more than 15 years of continuous development

External LED

  • RGB LED with multiple colors and brightness control
  • Bi-directional focus due to special lenses for best possible visibility in 2 lane traffic
  • Direct ceiling or rail mounting
  • Flexible tube color and length

Combi LED

  • NO limitation in the level of occupancy indication. 1 external LED can indicate the occupancy of several parking spaces
  • The multiGuide Combi-LED simplifies cable installation
  • Reduced installation effort (installation in the middle of the traffic lane)
  • Multicolor RGB LED, Ceiling or rail mounting, flexible tube length and color

Camera detection

  • Detection of parking spaces by reading the number plate
  • Ability to detect up to 4 parking spaces with one camera
  • Perfect for detecting cars, that are parked in a reserved parking space